Hi my name is Ben Riddell, The Life Coach.

Over 20 years of experience in coaching people in both a personal and business environment. I focus on getting my clients results through many techniques and strategies.


Services I provide:

1:1 Life Coaching

1:1 Life Coaching

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

Motivational Seminars

Motivational Seminars

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What our amazing clients say…

“Ben's personable and positive approach helps you unlock your potential to work through the challenges and issues, you are facing in your life. He coaches you to see things in a more positive and constructive way. He develops your coping mechanisms, empowering you to believe in yourself and to have the courage to follow your dreams and aspirations. Ben is committed to coaching you to the point where you are able to successful apply techniques independently. Combining Ben's life coaching skills with his motivating P.T. sessions is an accelerated way to help you get your life refocused and back on track. I would highly recommend Ben, as both a life coach and Physical Trainer.”

Pam Ogilvie Life Coaching

“As a former client of Ben’s in both Personal and Life Coaching, I highly recommend Ben to anyone wanting to Improve Self Confidence, Self Esteem and an almighty Will to Conquer all Life’s Challenges within Body and Soul. A Heartfelt and Personal Thank you and Appreciation from Me to You Ben for all your Professional Knowledge, Guidance and Encouragement, and not to Mention your very Valued Listening Skills and Patience.”

Kerryn Ferguson Life Coaching

I have been training with Ben for almost 3 months now at The Shed Health Club and more recently from home via video call during the Covid-19 lockdown. I truly cannot recommend him enough! His professionalism and drive are admirable and have constantly challenged me to push myself that wee bit out of my comfort zone week on week. My goals when I started were admittedly limited and non-specific. After having children I just wanted to feel fitter and stronger. Exercise was never a priority and I had become someone who constantly made excuses for myself as to why I couldn't do something. Be that joining an exercise class or even just walking the kids to school. However, in the short time I have been training with Ben my fitness level and goals have evolved to a point I never considered possible. I can without a doubt credit Ben with giving me the drive to move out of my comfort zone, change my mind set to exercise and to push myself to believe in my ability. I even entered my first ever race (albeit virtual) and completed an Ironman VR duathlon. I don't think it will be my last either. Thanks Ben!

Amy Paterson Personal Training

Couldn’t say enough good things about Ben(even before I started PT with him). His professionalism and passion always shine through. The sessions pass so quick and his interaction with myself and my partner(who he also trains) even out with the PT are a sure sign it’s more than a job to him. He encourages and keeps you positive to push yourself to achieve your goals no matter how big or small. Keep up the good work! 😃

Steve McCaig Personal Training

Ben is a truly inspirational trainer/coach. I've been attending weekly PT sessions with him at Station 83 gym for the last 18 months or so. Before that I'd never been in a gym & he has encouraged me to achieve much more than I ever thought possible. He has the ability to listen to how you are feeling and has the knack of knowing how hard to push you each time. He genuinely cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to get the most out of everyone. He doesn't judge you on your shortcomings he just focuses on making you achieve the best that you can. Everyone needs a Ben in their lives.

Yvonne Moir Personal Training

Can’t recommend Ben enough, I have been training with him since February - initially in the Shed gym and then via virtual session while in lockdown. He is motivating, professional and knowledgeable. You can tell he has a real passion for this. After having children I’d not felt particularly comfortable in how my body had changed and how much weight I’d put on/muscle I’d lost..also I haven’t been near a gym in about 6/7 years so I didn’t feel confident enough to know how to get started. Ben has been absolutely fantastic in helping build up my confidence in the gym and working out at home. Since starting with him and following what he teaches me each week, I’ve dropped a dress size, almost a stone in weight, I’m feeling muscles again I forgot I had and starting to feel like ‘me’ again. Would definitely recommend. Looking forward to training again 💪🏻😊

Laura Warrender Personal Training

As a man in his very late 60’s, with a lifelong back problem and a recent shoulder injury, I was quite sceptical when my physiotherapist recommended I start going to a gym, to help control age-based muscle wastage and improve my mobility. However, even though I have never really enjoyed exercise, and am not at all sporty, I decided to give it a go, and went for a preliminary assessment session at my local gym, Station 83, where I met the manager, Ben Riddell. I was given a personalised exercise programme, targeted at those bits of my body that needed work (most of my body, it turned out!), and have never looked back. Ben took time and trouble to make sure I did nothing that would overstretch me, but to concentrate on building up my weak muscle groups, and improve my overall fitness level. After a few months, I started PT sessions with Ben, and have done so every week since, even now during C-19 lockdown. Ben is always professional, committed and friendly, to the point where I look forward to my training with him. He knows how far to push me, and then just that little bit more, without the danger of injury. My back problem has all but disappeared entirely, my shoulder is as good and strong as it ever will be and I can’t thank Ben enough for helping me reach a level of fitness I wouldn’t have thought possible. To anyone, of any age, who thinks exercise and training isn’t for them, I urge you to contact Ben and discuss things with him. I think you will be surprised at how much your quality of life will improve. Everyone needs Ben in their lives!

Ian McHattie Personal Training